Drew Maw is a DP based in Northern California. Academy of Art and LAFSC alumn, his latest credit is Director of Photography on a $6 million feature film, titled "Unplanned." Directed and written by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, and produced by Daryl Lefever (a true honor), and received an A+ cinemascore. The film released on March 29th, 2019 in 800 theaters nationwide, with 1500 more added the following week, then released worldwide drawing a 20x multiplier. Controversially, the film is Rated-R for graphic depictions of realistic abortion scenes, one of the few Christian films ever.


Before that, Drew Maw shot a $1 million feature film, titled "Bright Ones," a faith-based feature film musical about troubled high school teens with extraordinary artistic gifts, featuring original music by Bethel Music and Bethel Music Kids, directed by David Norona (Jack Ryan, Designated Survivor) and Fred Vassallo, produced by Bethel Music Films. 


Before that, Drew DP’d for national commercial projects like Nike, Calvin Klein, Johnson & Johnson, and other major fashion labels.



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